I go outside and I feel free

i go outside and i feel free2

A visual interpretation of the band Idles’ song lyrics from, ‘Television’…

“I go outside and I feel free

‘Cause I smash mirrors and fuck TV”

I made this for a project as part of my foundation diploma in art and design. I started learning how to use Photoshop at the start of the course in September, and love experimenting with it. Each new function I learn feels like a triumph! The brief for this project in the graphics module, was to visually interpret song lyrics.

I like to think this scene is a representation of the liberation we’d feel after smashing the TVs, mirrors, and essentially, the body shame propaganda we all get bombarded with, that causes us to negatively critique ourselves and takes away from our enjoyment of the world. Let’s smash.


The next three experiments are all inspired by Frightened Rabbit tracks.

One and two look at ‘Old Old Fashioned,’ and the lyrics:

There’s a radio in the corner

It’s dying to make us see

I like the idea of putting away television, phones and social media, to connect with people in a meaningful way. The song is lamenting the breakdown of a relationship, yet there is romance in the message, of slowing down, listening to music, dancing next to an open fire. I see a moon, and a magical starry sky as part of this picture.

there's a radio in the corner it's dying to make us see


would you get old, old fashioned with me


Next is an interpretation of the line:

I wait for the beam of light

This comes from the song, ‘Woke Up Hurting.’ I see it as a glimmer of hope in the otherwise painful cycle of depressive days that the track depicts. The woman’s all black outfit and closed eyes represent her dark feelings, but perhaps she’ll find a way out with the hope shown through light and multi coloured stars.

i'll wait for a beam of light

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